The Litmus Test : For Christians Only
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The Litmus Test : 1 John 3:14-17

The Litmus Test:
For Christians Only

The Litmus Test

The Litmus Test The Litmus Test
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You Know the Commandments: The Story of the Rich Young Ruler

You Know the Commandments: The Story of the Rich Young Ruler You Know the Commandments:
The Story of the Rich Young Ruler

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Introduction: The Litmus Test

To Know Him Is to Love Him

All I knew was that I was completely enthralled by the Son of God. I wanted to know Him. I wanted to belong to Him, heart and soul. And He said I had to deny myself.

The Name Above All Names —Yahshua

The original Hebrew name of the Savior

God Actually Needs Human Beings

God needs friends to help Him bring about everything that is in His heart.

The Whole Message of This New Life

The words of the gospel, together with the life of community (which is the fruit of that gospel), is the witness of the Body of Messiah on earth.

The Litmus Test

1 John 3:14-17

Schism in Oneness

The disgraceful thing about division in the Body is that it communicates to the world that Christ is a useless Savior.

The Coward & The Conqueror

The Barrier

The Barrier that holds men captive in the domain of darkness, although invisible, is every bit as real as was the Berlin Wall. Instead of concrete and wire, it is woven of fear, shame, insecurity, intimidation, anxiety, peer pressure, emotional attachments, pride, and countless worldly entanglements.

You Know the Commandments

Wealth: A Self-Made Prison

Whatever one gives himself to habitually and compulsively is the object of his love. The deception of riches ensnares the one who has a love for it.

Wasn’t it Only for Him?

Haven’t you heard people say it? I have. It is one of the main ways preachers, evangelists, and just ordinary people deal with the uncomfortable passage in the New Testament that describes Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler.

What Stands Between You and the Free Gift?

Eternal life is a free gift. Okay, that’s clear. But to whom is it given? According to the Word of God it is available for all who overcome everything that is set against the freedom to drink of the water of life.

Martin Luther: Did He pass the Litmus Test?

Martin Luther, one of the foremost Fathers of the Reformation, rejected the Book of James, calling it “an epistle of straw”. He could not reconcile his fundamental doctrine of salvation by faith alone, with James’ clear teaching that “faith without works is dead”.

Amazing Grace

Grace... faith... works... such common words, but what do they mean? What are the works that cannot save us, and the works we are saved to do? And for that matter, what is salvation anyway?

It Takes a Community

The beginning of the book of Acts describes the vibrant life of the first Church in Jerusalem. What was their way of life, back when it was “the Way”?

Friends & Enemies

The First Letter of John commands us “Do not love the world or the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2:15)
What is love? What is the world? What does it mean to love the world? Do you love the world?

Circle of Disciples

What does it truly cost to be a true disciple of the Son of the Living God? Have you paid the price?

The Real Down-to-Earth Jesus

Andrew was looking for a real, down to earth Jesus; the Jesus of the Community of Acts 2 & 4.

Ed Meets the Edah

A parable of when a lone bee meets the hive of honeybeees.

Root Out of Dry Ground

Like a root out of dry ground, the Vine has sprouted again and brought forth clusters — communities of people who love Messiah and who desire nothing more than to abide in Him and bear the fruit of His Kingdom.

Three Eternal Destinies?

Can one honestly say that there is no difference in the eyes of God between a child molester and a hard-working farmer who rises early and goes to bed late, wearing himself out in his struggle to feed his family?


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